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Solid Hangers
August 10, 2017
3″x 8″ Flat Alumahook 6 Pack for insulated and non-insulated patio covers
November 13, 2018



Now you can BEAT THE HEAT! Owners of alumawood patios can install water misters using alumahooks – no more screws! or holes! Installation is as easy as 1-2-3! BUY NOW AND BEAT THE HEAT in style!
Responding to our customers demands – alumahooks were designed with our customers desire to hang lights or other light weight decorations in mind. Using Alumahooks, customers can now hang string lighting for those evening parties, and they’re great for the ever popular Costco bar lights. You can even hang party banners for your birthday party, Welcome Home banners for your get together or Graduation banners for your family celebrations. Any event can be enhanced with your unique decorating style using alumahooks.
The alumahook is made of durable polyurethane plastic -strong yet flexible – perfect for your lightweight decoration needs. Alumahooks are weather resistant, and can handle the heat. They are sold in packages of 12 and 24.
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12 pack, 24 pack