3"x 8" Flat Alumahook 6 Pack - Alumahangers


Plastic tubing for solid Alumahangers and Alumahooks to fit Duralum covers
August 10, 2018
3″ Flat Alumahook
November 14, 2018

3″x 8″ Flat Alumahook 6 Pack



The 3″x 8″ Flat Alumahook made of durable plastic and is good for up to 5-lbs was design to fit just about any Solid Alumawood, Aluminum, or Duralum patio cover. This hook is great for foam insulated covers that have no grooves to hang decorations. The flat design will allow it to be used on most wedge-able areas on a patio cover. A nice feature is that the hook can be used to hang lighting at the same time can hold chimes, bird feeder, any lightweight decoration.

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