Inventory Replenishing - Alumahangers

Inventory Replenishing

At ALUMAHANGERS® we're learning as we go, too. We as a community are standing strong and together we will get through this pandemic shutdown.

  • American manufacturers - ALUMAHANGERS® has local manufacturers that were forced to temporarily close their doors resulting in our Amazon inventory levels to reach zero or near zero levels.
  • Amazon is ALUMAHANGERS® sole seller fulfillment platform. Amazon does it better and for a small company, like ALUMAHANGERS®, Amazon is a valuable partner in our company's groweth.
  • Amazon is working hard to meet the demands of orders of essential products resulting, in products like ours to temporarily take a backseat to our nation's demand.
  • Amazon recently increased our inventory levels and our local manufacturer opened their doors to business.
  • Therefore ALUMAHANGERS® is working hard to replenish inventory levels and will soon have enough inventory to meet our customers' needs.

We appreciate your support of small business and American Made Products. Keep updated and follow us on Facebook and Instagram.
REMEMBER we are all in this together and together we will be our own solutions.

David Abeel